Ecosphera Declaration Process

  • In our journey towards sustainability, transparency and accuracy in CO2 emissions reporting are paramount.
  • Ecosphera's declaration process is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration between clients and their suppliers, ensuring that every step towards reducing the carbon footprint is based on reliable data.
  • This guide outlines the comprehensive declaration process on the Ecosphera platform, from initiation to integration.

Overview of the Declaration Process

Ecosphera streamlines the CO2 footprint declaration process, making it straightforward for both clients and suppliers to contribute towards a sustainable supply chain. Here’s how it works:


You can initiate the process by requesting a declaration for a set of products references listed in your ERP system, directly through your dashboard.

Once a declaration is submitted, you have the capability to review the provided information. You can either approve the declaration, integrating it into your scope 3 emissions data, or request further updates for clarity or additional information.

Key Features of the Declaration Process

Transparency and Flexibility

Suppliers can choose how much detail to share, fostering trust while ensuring data privacy.

Precision and Accountability

Every declaration is subject to approval, ensuring accuracy and reliability of the data.

Integration and Usability

Seamlessly integrates with clients' ERP systems for efficient data management and reporting.

Benefits of the Ecosphera Declaration Process

For clients

Gain accurate insights into your supply chain's carbon footprint, enabling better sustainability reporting and decision-making.

For supplier

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and enhance your value to clients by providing detailed emissions data.

Navigating the Declaration Process

Our platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Whether you're a client requesting data or a supplier providing it, Ecosphera guides you through each step with clear instructions and support.

Versioning and Governance

Ecosphera incorporates a robust mechanism for data versioning and governance. This ensures that all declarations remain traceable and verifiable, allowing for data evolution while maintaining integrity and ownership.

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